Baby Shower

Baby shower gifts for the new parents

Baby showers are a special experience for both guests and the hosts. There is a certain excitement that comes with a newborn being introduced into the world, shuffling through baby gifts and products including adorable shoes, cute little baby bonnets and fun little toys.

But how many times have the scatter of gifts for the parents only turned to more and more superfluous stuff? How many times do these gifts end up being products they’ve already got? While you’re scratching your head for a practical, useful gift, think

Unique decorations for the nursery

Our online marketplace specialises in personalised gifts that are perfect for that special gift. No longer do you have to worry that you’ll double up on a gift with another guest, with a Not in Shops creation, you’re able to put your personal touch.

Wrap up a gift that you’ll know be treasured. From our range of personalised blankets perfect for a newborn, to personalised children’s books. Give a gift that’ll continue to hold value over time, and surprise the parents with something truly unique.

Australia’s best range of personalised gifts

We love our personalised message plaques and books, a perfect baby gift that the parents can decorate throughout the nursery. Our Storyboxes make a fantastic, unique decoration pre-birth, a unique design that will keep the parents excited while they wait.

If you’re in need of a great gift that that the parents will love and the baby can enjoy, then take a look at our collection of baby shower gift ideas.

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