Personalised Children's Books

Personalised Children’s Books – The Perfect Gift for Kids!

What better way to teach your kids the wonders of reading than by making them the central star in their very own book? With Not in Shops personalised kids’ books, you can make your little boy or girl the main protagonist in a story of heroics and adventure. Personalised to match the name of the kid, your central star will come across a cast of colourful characters as they navigate the tricky situation of the little boy or girl who loses their name.

Your child will love being centre stage of this beautifully illustrated, well-presented children’s book. You can even choose to have the book wrapped in lovely gift packaging, making it perfect for presenting to the happy youngster.

Our Passion

At Not in Shops, we have a love for sourcing incredibly fun and personal gifts that the whole family can enjoy. The same goes for our range of children’s toys, games and books. Whilst they are made for infants, they have been designed to provide a fun and interactive way for the family to get together and share in the joy of raising a youngster.

With our range of personalised children’s books, you and your family will bring hours of joy narrating the tales of the child who lost their name, and it will be an exciting way to introduce your child to the world of literature.

Available for order and fast dispatch through our online store.

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