Personalised Blocks

Adorable Personalised Baby Blocks

Looking for the perfect gift for a newborn baby? Then you’ll find it right here at Not in Shops with our range of personalised wooden blocks. From stars to soccer balls, penguins and planes, you’ll find an adorable range of wooden blocks that are able to be customised with the baby’s name and date of birth. Not only does this make them super fun for the bub to play around with but they will also be an awesome keepsake for when the little bub starts to be able to spell their own name a bit easier.

Wooden blocks have always been an awesome gift for bubs: they love to spend hours on end rolling them around and trying to arrange them, and with the ability to spell out our personalised range parents too can enjoy seeing their special little friend attempting to get them in the right order – all in good time of course! 

The Not in Shops Passion

We love nothing more than seeing the joy and happiness a child receives from doing their favourite thing: playing. Smashing around wooden blocks is one of the cheekiest ways in which a recently born bub likes to play, and they are just simply a timeless classic. Therefore, the team at Not in Shops decided it would be a good idea to source these awesome and creative personalised wooden baby blocks for babies throughout Australia.

Browse the range at our online store, make a selection, personalise it and we will customise the blocks before providing super-fast delivery to your property.

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