If you are a successful launch partner you will be invited to sell your products through not in shop with no ongoing fees other than a small commission on goods sold through the site.

If you have any question don't hesitate to contact us at info@notinshops.com.au

Who should apply?

You are an Australian based business

You create or acquire unique, high quality, innovative and interesting products for babies and/or children

Your products are not readily available in mainstream shops or department stores

How are we different from other online stores?

We only choose products that are superior quality and that are unique to list – we do not let everyone list products

We do not warehouse any products, all products are delivered to customers directly from our partners – we focus on marketing and our partners focus on delivering quality products

All partners and their products need to go through an approval process to ensure we create a shopping environment that attracts and retains customers

Our marketing, administration and IT support will be personalised and all partners will have their own Account Manager who will deal with all aspects of their not in shops experience

What will notinshops.com.au do for you?

We are launching our brand and will be implementing an extensive national media campaign to sell your products to a target market of mothers with children aged 0-12.

Our marketing strategy will attract thousands of potential buyers through regular prime press coverage, search engine optimisation, promotional emails, social media exposure and much more so you are likely to see a significant increase in product sales - all at no cost to you.

Our web masters will create your product pages with your input to ensure your products look great and the pages reflect your brand identity.

We will be responsible for the marketing, e-commerce and administration of the online sales and all you will be required to do is deliver the product to the customer.