Personalised Christmas decorations for the perfect celebration

The Christmas season comes by quickly, and each year we find ourselves parading through department stores looking for the best-looking décor around. While we rummage through the sale items, we seem to pick up the same old pieces that the customer beside you is grabbing, and all our trees and décor end up looking the same.

So, this year how about you shop for goods that you won’t find in mainstream stores? With Not in Shops, you can find a range of quality goodies that you can completely personalise to your wishes. Take a look for some inspiration! 

Ornaments for bringing the Christmas cheer

Our Christmas range also includes a great supply of baubles and ornaments, perfect for topping up the tree. So, whether you’re looking for a couple new pieces to add to your collection of décor, or want a single ornament for celebrating a child’s first Christmas, we’ve got a selection for you. Browse through our versatile range of holiday pieces. Keep things clean and clear over the day with our placemats and Santa sacks, ideal for the children, or create a memorable arrangement so you can cherish this Christmas year after year. 

Browse our Australian designed collection

At Not in Shops, we search for the best designers online and team with them to provide you with unique, one-of-a-kind designs. Not only are you supporting the small businesses of Australia, you’re also securing yourself a personalised, unique piece that no one else can find. If you’re interested in adding a little personalisation into your Christmas collection, scroll through our range today! We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

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